Alf Stefan Andersson

Alf Stefan Andersson, Ana Lilia Trujillo aka Ana Fox was arrested in June 2013 for stabbing her boyfriend, Professor Stefan Andersson, to death with a stiletto shoe. The murder case, in what has been described as similar to a scene in the movie "Single White Female, has been dubbed "the stiletto heel murder.

Ana Trujillo Fox, also known as Ana Fox, was born Feb. 25, 1969. She is a 44 year-old Mexican national. According to public record, her last known address is 8440 N Sam Houston 1228, Humble, TX. She has a daughter that lives in Waco, TX. Her occupation was listed as Spanish interpreter/translator for Attorney Lott J. Brooks in Houston. She worked previously as a massage therapist.

According to court records: Trujillo has a criminal record including check fraud and driving while under the influence.

Stiletto murder timeline


Sat, June 8: Ana Lilia Trujillo and Stefan Andersson go out to a club. They drink tequilas all night at the bar. According to the Houston Culture Map, Stefan Andersson becomes enraged when a man tries to buy Ana a drink.

Sun, June 9: Ana and Stefan return to the Parklane condominiums around 2 a.m.. At some point, a fight ensues between the couple because Ana wants to visit her daughter.

According to Ana, once Stefan begins attacking her, she stabs him with the stiletto heel of her shoe. She does not call 911.

3:40 a.m. Police receive calls from neighbors on the 18th floor stating that there is a domestic disturbance at Stefan Andersson's condo. When police arrive on the scene, Ana answers the door wearing bloody clothes. When they step inside the condo, they find the body of Stefan Andersson on the floor in a hallway. He was lying on his back with a stiletto shoe nearby.

Ana Trujillo explains to police that Stefan Andersson, a native of Sweden, attacked her and she stabbed him with the high-heeled shoe to protect herself.

Ana Trujillo is booked for murder and placed in the Harris County jail.

News outlets all over the nation begin reporting on the stiletto killing.

Tues, June 11: Ana appears at the Harris County Court wearing an orange jumpsuit. She makes no facial expression but tosses her hair once. The court record reflects that the victim, Stefan Andersson, was stabbed over 25 times with the stiletto heel.

The District Attorney's office asks for anyone with information on the relationship between Andersson and Trujillo to come forward.

Jim Carroll, former manager of the Londale Hotel in Houston, tells media outlets that he knows Ana because she once lived in the hotel. Carroll knew her by the name Ana Fox. He tells ABC News:

“Before the name was released – I saw a woman killed a guy with a stiletto, I remember seeing something on the news about it – I said, “Oh, that sounds like Ana."

Carrol goes on to say that he was often concerned about the company she kept. She told him that if anyone bothered her, she would "get them" with her shoe.

The University Of Houston makes a public statement:

"The University of Houston community is saddened to learn of the tragic death of Professor Stefan Andersson. Our hearts go out to his colleagues, family and friends during this difficult time.

Wed, June 12: A local television producer tells ABC News that she recently shot footage of Ana Fox, who is known as a "bubbly tv host." The producer, whose face is not shown on camera, states that the relationship was often volatile. The woman claims that Ana told her that Stefan would often grab her arms and leaves bruises because he didn't want her to leave.

Others indicated that the couple had been together for about a year.

ABC News also reported that Lucille's bar employee's told them that the couple often had drinks in the bar but that Trujillo seemed to be the aggressive of the two.

Ana Trujillo Fox is due back in the Harris County Court in three weeks.

The 2009 movie "Stiletto" features a sexy but dangerous femme fatal.

The act of stabbing a person with a stiletto shoe has often been depicted in television shows and movies.

The Andersson-Trujillo crime appears to be the first actual case of murder using a stiletto heel.
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