Shannon Richardson Just Wanted To Be Famous, Says Husband

Shannon Richardson Just Wanted To Be Famous, Says Husband, After ‘Vampire Diaries’ actress Shannon was arrested for allegedly sending ricin letters to President Obama, her husband Nathaniel went on the ‘Today Show’ to reveal that the reason she did it was to get famous.

When most actresses want to become more famous they date a co-star or stage a photo op, but not Shannon Richardson. Shannon’s estranged husband Nathaniel appeared on The Today Show on June 13 to reveal the real reason why she allegedly sent ricin-laced letters to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Obama, and it’s all because she wanted to “get her face out there.” Well, she certainly achieved that.

Nathaniel Richardson Speaks On ‘Today’ Show
Nathaniel, who was originally framed by his pregnant wife, spoke about why she would allegedly perform such a heinous crime.

“She really wanted to be an actress,’ he told Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show. “She wanted to get her face out there.”

There are many other ways to do that then attempting to assassinate the president.

“It was kind of like disbelief, or it was like a bad dream,” Nathan said about learning the truth. “The person she was wasn’t real.”

And Nathaniel does not feel sympathy for her.

“She has done this to herself,” he said. “She has destroyed my reputation and my life but there’s a way up from this and if I sit here and focus on anger, I can’t focus on getting on with my life.”

He insisted he had no part in the plot, because he didn’t even know what the poison was called: “I was calling it licin.”

Shannon Richardson Arrested For Sending Ricin Letters
Shannon first came to the attention of investigators when she called them reporting that she believed her husband had sent the May 20 ricin letters to Michael and President Obama.

Through rounds of questioning and analysis investigators determined that Shannon, who is a pregnant mother of five, actually mailed the letters herself.

She was arrested in Mount Pleasant, Tex. on June 7 and could face up to 10 years in prison if she’s convicted. She is currently in prison.
Title: Shannon Richardson Just Wanted To Be Famous, Says Husband
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