Restaurant tip ban

Restaurant tip ban, Sushi Yasuda is a high-class restaurant in New York, and it has thrilled diners with fantastic service and excellent food for over 10 years. Now, ABC News reported on Monday, June 10, 2013, that is confusing a lot of people by wanting to put in a restaurant tip ban.

Their thought-process is to help their diners not worry about doing complicated math at the end of their wonderful meals.

Instead of doing the customary restaurant small salary for servers and then the rest of their pay come from tips; Sushi Yasuda wants to make their waiters salaried. The restaurant tip ban would make servers salaried and also give them paid vacation and sick leave.

This entire idea is just to make the dining experience better for customers.

Executive director for Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, Daisy Chung, said that she believed the practice to be a "good idea."

Since Sushi Yasuda is a higher-end restaurant with most bills running over $100, it is easy for them to give their servers a salary. It could also lead to happier customers that realize not having to pay a tip allows them to order more food.
Title: Restaurant tip ban
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