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James Franco BA English UCLA, It seems sleeping through one of his classes at Columbia last year was exactly what James Franco needed to regain his sense of priorities. Most recently he's been in Howl, based on Allen Ginsberg and his epic poetry and 127 Hours, which depicts the hiking trip that took a turn for the worst and resulted in Aron Ralston having to cut off his arm when it became wedged between a boulder and the side of a canyon. So a pansy he is not!

And now, Franco just bought the rights to Stephen Elliott's "The Adderall Diaries: A Memoir of Moods, Masochism and Murder," and he plans to write, direct and star in its movie adaptation. The book revolves around BDSM fan Elliott's coverage of a murder trial that "takes some pretty strange turns..." like the ones tractors make when there's an uprising and they're being driven by pigs.

In 2007, a man named Hans Reiser was accused of murdering his wife and his friend, Sean Sturgeon, confessed he had murdered people, too...but not Reiser's wife. Elliott writes about the trial, but he also includes some of his own personal realizations about his childhood, depression and past drug use.

It's evident Franco is trying to experiment with all aspects of filmmaking -- he's most known for his acting and has directed a few documentaries, but he's starting to move into new territory by tapping into his screenwriting abilities. He was an English major when he attended UCLA for one year, so it sorta makes sense... let's just hope UCLA seniors didn't hog all the spots in the screenwriting classes because otherwise, we'll be the ones sleeping when we're not supposed to be.

Title: James Franco BA English UCLA
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