14 White Lions: Found In Bangkok Warehouse,

14 White Lions: Found In Bangkok Warehouse, Fourteen white lions were among the over 200 wild animals that were found in Bangkok, Thailand, authorities confirmed today. The animals were believed to have been brought into the country as part of the illegal wildlife trade.

The raid came in response to complaints from neighbors about the smell, according to Bangkok authorities. Two men were arrested during the raid, one of whom is the owner of a pet shop Bangkok. Though both denied involvement, they were charged with illegally trading wildlife – a crime for which one of the men was convicted several years ago.

It is not immediately clear what will be done with the seized animals. For the moment they are evidence against the two men. Once proceedings against the two have finished, authorities said that some of the animals could be released into the wild, while others could be placed in zoos.
Title: 14 White Lions: Found In Bangkok Warehouse,
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