300 Muslims

300 Muslims that were suddenly subjected to a raid and detainment during their prayer services in Russia this Friday are trending on the Web this Sunday, June 9, The Epoch Times reported today. According to the report, it appears that Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, was behind the Moscow raid.

Including the 300 Muslims that were targeted during worship services in the prayer hall, 170 foreigners were also detained. Although the exact reason for the sudden raid and detainment remains unknown, the Muslim security crackdown seems to be spurred by new governmental plans to enforce policy on radical Islamists throughout Russia.

Vladimir Putin was reportedly said telling officers in Moscow’s security force this week prior to the Muslims (all 300 that were detained) to work with harshness and consistency.

“[The] fight against corruption, crime and the insurgency has to be carried out harshly and consistently … We must fight back hard against extremists who, under the banners of radicalism, nationalism and separatism, are trying to split our society.”

The 300 Muslims affected by the raid was in fact not the first, but the third strike that detained Muslim prayer locales in 2013 alone in Moscow.

Yalibnan.com also reported that the 300 Muslims arrested comes only some months as Russia continues to prepare for the Sochi Winter Olympics being held next year near the Black Sea.

What is your take on the 300 Muslims captured during their worship services and placed under arrest in Moscow with no reason (yet) given on the raid?

Title: 300 Muslims
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