Beyonce Mrs. Carter Show tour rider

Beyonce Mrs. Carter Show tour rider, After Beyonce was recently slapped in the rear by a fan during a concert in Copenhagen [to which she fiercely had the fan removed], Bey is back in the headlines for her diva-like requests on her tour rider. In the middle of her Mrs. Carter World Tour 2013, Beyonce's rider includes several interesting demands.Demands. Not requests.

According to Austrailian news outlet, Beyonce's rider includes hand-crafted ice balls to cool her voice after ever performance on the tour. Ok, not so bad. Girl's gotta take care of her voice.

According to the rider, Beyonce also insists that all of her crewmembers wear only 100% cotton. Though the reason was not confirmed, I guess it has something to do with allergies.

Beyonce demands that her dressing rooms be painted off-white. A brand-new toilet seat must also be provided back stage before every show. The "Bootylicious" singer will only use red toilet paper as well.
Junk food is also banned from back stage, opting instead for almonds and "green-only vegetables," ( That means no carrots chef!

Possibly the most bizarre rider demand are the $900 titanium straws to drink her "special alkaline water" which apparently has to be served at exactly 20 degrees Celsius.
Celsius, who uses Celsius?

I'm sure the titanium straws and "special alkaline water" are meant to preserve Beyonce's vocal chords, but red toilet paper? Why?
Beyonce's one of the most famous people in the world. If she wants a new toilet seat, I don't think that's too much to ask. Her rider is still more reasonable than husband Jay-Z, who's hiring his own cigar-roller for his Legends of the Summer tour with Justin Timberlake.
Title: Beyonce Mrs. Carter Show tour rider
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