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Ex-Journey singer, Steve Perry had cancer, reported Classic Rock on June 10. The 64-year-old former frontman of the group Journey revealed he underwent treatment for cancer. The treatment happened five months after psychologist and victim of breast cancer Kellie Nash died.

Perry met Nash in 2011 after seeing her in a cancer TV special. At the time, Nash was a breast cancer survivor and Perry was so moved by her wisdom he was determined to meet her. The two fell in love, but Nash's cancer came back and she died in December 2012.

"She was so strong, so courageous and we really loved each other so very much. I've been trying to grieve and not run from this loss so for the last five months that's what I've been doing along with recalling everything being in Love with Kellie taught me," said Perry.

After Nash's death, Perry had a mole removed from his face. The mole was cancerous, and the rock star had "two surgeries in two weeks" to remove all the cancer cells.

How dangerous are cancerous moles? "Melanomas usually start in moles or in areas of normal-looking skin," reports NetDoctor. "Malignant melanoma is a very dangerous type of cancer, and the patient's chances of survival often depend on early discovery and treatment."

Is the ex-Journey singer cancer free? "I've had two surgeries in two weeks to remove all the cancer cells and I've been told they think they got it all and no other treatments are required," said Perry.
Title: Ex-Journey singer
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