Jeep in pool

Jeep in pool, A pool party — or a critical bout of boredom — has led to the invention of a new sport known as jeep versus pool.

A group of people at a gathering in Southern Ontario recently decided to launch a "scientific" experiment by driving a jeep over an above ground swimming pool. Someone forgot to teach these kids safety first.

They erected a ramp on either side, but the off-ramp doesn't prove especially useful after their speeding start lands them plunk in the middle of the swimming pool.

The fully-clothed passengers scramble to get out of the vehicle.You did it wrong!" the onlookers say, laughing.

The jeep is stuck in the pool. But never despair, for where there are crazy Canadians there are impromptu problem-solvers. Someone starts a chain saw and cuts open the side of the pool as the water gushes onto the lawn.
Title: Jeep in pool
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