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Katie couric show, Not six months after "Katie" was renewed for a second season, a report suggests ABC is questioning Katie Couric's place in its daytime lineup. Several unnamed sources slammed the daytime talk show and its future, though no one actually went on the record.

"While all television is going through a difficult time and programming is having a hard time finding its niche, Katie's new talk show does not live up its expectations," said one source. “Whatever constraints Katie experienced anchoring 'Evening News' [it is] certainly taking its toll, and her return to daytime has backfired."

That's just the first of many anonymous quotes in a Fox News expose that blasted ABC's syndicated talk show "Katie." The story went on to discuss the show's flailing ratings, staff turnover and the caliber and diversity of "Katie" guests, as well as Couric herself.

"It's an unmitigated disaster," an unnamed studio executive said of the freshman talk show. "One of the biggest failures ever in syndication. Terrible ratings, no growth, shouldn’t be on the air. Where did it miss the mark? Let's start with her, she is dreadfully boring. The show offers nothing new to the audience, nothing to say."

Among all the anonymous slams against Couric and the show, the story offered one source who insisted Couric and ABC are still on good terms, while another suggested Couric isn't the problem…exactly.

“Katie is frustrated because she's constantly trying to drive up-to-date, current segments whereas most of the team around her a stuck on more evergreen, formulaic daytime segments," this source maintained. "She wants it to be very news driven. But she works very hard and has been relentless in being active on social media. But Katie isn't having a good time and she can be extremely difficult to work with ...”

The heavy-handed story quoted sources that were certain "Katie" won't see a Season 3 and even questioned whether "Katie" will make it through its sophomore season.

One source went so far as to say "Katie" staffers "are desperately running around approaching talent and offering to train them to replace her as a new daytime talk show host. It's a number one priority."

The story concluded by questioning where Couric would go if her show does indeed get canceled.

"I guess she goes to CNN with genius boy [Jeff Zucker] or calls it quits," suggested a source. "Or maybe she tries some primetime specials."
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