Kylie Jenner SUV: takes $125K Mercedes out for 'spa day'

Kylie Jenner SUV: takes $125K Mercedes out for 'spa day', Kylie Jenner, 15, takes her $125,000 Mercedes-Benz SUV to the car wash. At $125,000 it's not your average starter car.

But as part of the infamous Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner is not your average 15-year-old.

The privileged teen tweeted a picture of her black Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV at the detailer, writing: 'giving the G wagon a spa day!'

At 15 Kylie can only drive her car when someone else is in the vehicle.

California issues provisional driver's permits at age 15 1/2, but the driver must have a licensed driver over age 18 in the front passenger seat with them.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star can't apply for her driver's license until she turns 16 on August 10.

Kylie shared an image of her car before it underwent detailing work at Spin Imaging based in Long Beach, California, and the custom shop later shared an after image of the black Mercedes SUV.

'Another happy client @kyliejenner,' read the Instagram post showing the clean matte black finish on the Mercedes.

Even if Kylie was borrowing a family car to practise her driving, it is still an impressive first vehicle.

The  reality TV starlet has flaunted her privileged lifestyle in the past by posting online photos of the expensive CĂ©line luggage-mini purses she received last Christmas, as well as more recent photos of her manicures over the past year.

Kylie's older sister Kendall, 17, famously received a $90,000 Range Rover for her Sweet 16.

Kylie and Kendall were voted one of Zimbio's 2012 Most Influential Women Under 30 in TV.

Both have successful modelling careers under way and last month they launched a teen-friendly clothes lines for PacSun stores nationwide.

Kylie has modelled for the Sears line Crush Your Style, the Avril Lavigne collection Abbey Dawn Runway, and the official Hello Kitty Launch for Forever 21.
Title: Kylie Jenner SUV: takes $125K Mercedes out for 'spa day'
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