Malkovich rescue

Malkovich rescue,  The Malkovich rescue, a story that puts John Malkovich in a hero’s light after saving a man’s life in Toronto. Malkovich came to an elderly man’s rescue after seeing him fall off a curb resulting in the man “bleeding profusely” from a neck wound, according to The Inquistr on June 9, 2013.

 The “Being John Malkovich” actor jumped into action and applied pressure to the man’s wound to stop the bleeding until the paramedics arrived. Jim Walpole, 77, said he asked the man who came to his rescue his name and he just said “John.”

Walpole said: “I’m forever grateful to him, he really helped me out … I never had the opportunity to see him and thank him after the incident.”

A doorman who witnessed the incident said he believed Malkovich was having a cigarette when he saw the man go down. He said he saw the actor apply pressure to Walpole’s neck and kept doing so until the paramedics arrived.

Walpole received 10 stitches from the ordeal at a nearby hospital. The paramedics told him that he was a lucky man. If the cut was just 1/8 of an inch over from where it was, “he would have been in real trouble.” Malkovich just made sure the man was attended to by medical staff before leaving the scene. He did so without any fanfare.
Title: Malkovich rescue
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