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Marv albert height, Marv Albert Height, How tall is (PHOTOS) Michael Jordan Kim Kardashian John Kerry Nicole Kidman Emeril Lagasse Heidi Klum John McCain Elle Macpherson? There are lots of famous tall folks out there! Tall people are all around. They consist of actors, politicians, musicians, scientists, doctors, activists, and any other kind of person you can think of.

We will attempt to present some of the people who happen to be known for their height, or who are famous and just happen to be tall.

Check out these famous people and see if they measure up to how tall you imagined them to be.
Kareem Abdul-Jabar 7 feet 2 inches
Marv Albert is 5 ft, 11 inches tall
Michael Jordan — height: 6 feet 6 inches
Kim Kardashian — height: 5 feet 2 inches
John Kerry — height: 6 feet 4 inches
Nicole Kidman — height: 5 feet 11 inches
Heidi Klum — height: 5 feet 9 inches
Emeril Lagasse — height: 5 feet 7 inches
John McCain — height: 5 feet 7 inches
Elle Macpherson — height: 6 feet
Are they as tall as you imagined them to be?
Title: Marv albert height
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