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Naomi watts diana, The first official trailer for ‘Diana’ has debuted and it looks like a stunner. The new footage gives us a first glimpse into the life of the beloved Princess of Wales.

Naomi Watts stars as the late Princess Diana in the buzz-worthy biopic Diana. The trailer offers moments throughout Diana’s life, from her philanthropic efforts to her relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan. Can anyone say Oscar buzz?

Inside Look At The Biopic ‘Diana’
The tagline throughout the 1-minute trailer reads: “An icon adored by millions. The most famous woman in the world who became the people’s princess. The legend is never the whole story.”

The flash of cameras and the constant paparazzi in the first 30 seconds of the trailer show just how much the presence of the princess was felt around the world.

Diana’s life was never hidden, yet Naomi’s face as the princess isn’t even seen until halfway through the trailer when she transforms into Diana in a glittering gold gown.

There isn’t any dialogue in the trailer, but the scenes almost didn’t need words and left us wanting more. Much more!

The Pressures Of Playing The People’s Princess
Naomi revealed in a Jan. 2013 interview with ABC that the role of Diana was a high-risk one and had to be treated delicately because Diana’s boys, Prince William and Harry, are still around. Yet, for Naomi, the story yearned to be told. She said she “just felt like she [Diana] was a fascinating woman,” and in order to do Diana justice, she read all the biographies and watched all the footage from interviews.

This film is sure to wow audiences everywhere. Naomi is the spitting image of Diana, and we know she’ll give a performance of award-winning caliber. Watch the trailer below to see for yourself!
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