Pirates thwarted

Pirates thwarted, A pirate attack is thwarted on the high seas thanks to folks banding together to fight these armed ocean-going criminals. According to the Christian Science Monitor on June 7, 2013, 14 Indian sailors were under a pirate attack by 12 armed pirates, luckily they were able to alert officials, who in turn sent the EU Naval Force in their direction.

The Indian sailors had help come from two vessels. Swedish and Dutch warships responded, prompting the Somali pirates to flee. They started off toward the coast at the sight of these warships then abandoned ship.

Somali pirates are responsible for hundreds of hostages off dozens of ships in the past, but lately the frequency of these pirate attacks has taken a downward slope. It seems now that there are ships at the ready to pounce upon a pirate attack, these criminals are thinking twice before attacking a ship.

The anti-piracy patrols coupled with armed guards on ships, have made life harder for pirates who were usually the only ones armed in an attack.

The EU Naval Force reports that Somali Pirates haven’t successfully hijacked a ship in a year. The last one was in May of 2012. This doesn’t mean they haven’t tried. These pirates have unsuccessfully attacked four ships this year.
Title: Pirates thwarted
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