Ryan Gosling Look-Alike

Ryan Gosling Look-Alike, Let's get right down to brass tacks: The best part of this viral video is the title: "Lyin' Gosling." It's clever and sums up the "prank" perfectly: Unleashing a Ryan Gosling lookalike on Detroit to see how fans react.

Spoiler alert (that's not really a spoiler alert at all): People are excited when they think they're meeting Ryan Gosling.

Gosling is currently in Michigan filming How to Catch a Monster and so Mojo in the Morning sent Doug, a tax accountant who "looks 80 percent like Ryan Gosling," to walk around the city. This following video is what ensued:
Here are some signs that should have tipped these people off that he's not the real Gosling:

(1) Lyin' Gosling aka Doug does not save anyone. At least not in this clip, tax season may be another story. (2) He looks maybe 40 percent like Ryan Gosling.

Which is why we're sure some fans, high of their chance encounter and the fumes of "Ryan Gosling" (a lot of people commented on his delightful smell...), returned to their friends to brag, only to show their prized photograph and have a friend go, "Uh, that's not Ryan Gosling." "Yes, it is!!!" "Uh, no, it's not." "It's....oh."

Sorry to be curmudgeons about it, but emotions relating to Ryan Gosling are no joke. Plus, at one point, Lyin' Gosling takes a picture with two uniformed police officers which is lying to a police officer. Which is illegal! Arrest them all.
Title: Ryan Gosling Look-Alike
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