Two-faced kitten born in small town in Oregon

Two-faced kitten born in small town in Oregon, With a "meow-meow" here and a "meow-meow" there, a two-faced kitten was born in the small town of Amity, Ore., this week.

"Deucy," as her owners call her, entered the world on Tuesday and is in good health, the Guardian reported.

Rejected by her mother, Deucy's being fed warmed kitten formula from owner Stephanie Durkee.

The kids ... came in and said, 'Mom there's a kitty with two heads,'" she told KGW. "And I said, 'I think you guys are just tired, you're crazy, that doesn't happen.'"

But it does, and it did.

Durkee walked in on a tiny kitten meowing loudly "from both mouths."

Deucy is a Gemini, and Durkee told KGW she can't help but wonder at the coincidence.

Two-headed cats, known as Janus cats, are rare. But they're not unheard of.

In 2011, a two-faced cat in Worcester, Mass., named Frank and Louie became the longest-living two-headed feline on record when he reached age 12.

Last year, a cat in Port Charlotte, Fla., gave birth to a two-faced kitten who died just two days later.
Title: Two-faced kitten born in small town in Oregon
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