Tyra banks first african american women on sports illustrated cover

Tyra banks first african american women on sports illustrated cover, _Ever since those photos came out of Tyra Banks looking not very svelte in a bathing suit, it seems like she’s been obsessed with proving that she’s not fat.

You might have heard about the show she did a couple weeks back where she wore the same bathing suit that appears in the photo to prove that she’s not that fat. She even got her hands on the other photos taken at the shoot that day – the unretouched ones – to show how un-fat she was. But if she was that big, it would be ok, because large women are beautiful too, but she’s not, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but she’s not that large right now, but that’s not to say she may not look like that one day in the future and if she did, it would be totally cool, but you know, she just doesn’t look like that now. (That’s pretty much how the show went – I’ve never seen anything more self-contradictory in my life.)

But yesterday’s show just put me over the edge. I guess she wasn’t satisfied with her last I’m-not-fat attempt, so she decided to recreate her famous Sports Illustrated cover – pink polka-dot bikini and all.

As if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, she actually had the balls to make this a Black History Month event! Because she was the first African-American swimsuit model to appear on the cover of SI, and “it enabled young women of color to realize that they CAN…DREAM…BIG!

It was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. (And don’t even get me started on how badly Photoshopped the final product was.) At one point during the show, Tyra said that when that cover came out, a “Caucasian gentleman” told her that for the first time in his life, he felt it was okay for him to be attracted to black women, because he was taught growing up that they were taboo.

So basically, to Tyra, the fact that men of all races felt comfortable jerking off to that picture, was a moment to remember in Black History. What a milestone.

Well, I was inspired by Miss Banks’ courage, so I decided to do something special for all of you, the loyal readers of Racialicious.

As you might know, it’s Chinese New Year. What better way to honor 5,000 years of Chinese civilization than by recreating my historic Stuff magazine cover shoot? I managed to hunt down the same photographer, the same crew, the same brown bathing suit, we even went to the same spot on the same beach in Hawaii. I’m really pleased with how the photos came out.
Why Tyra Banks is the First Supermodel Icon
From the runways of high fashion shows to the covers of countless magazines, Tyra Banks is now one of the most talked about former supermodels. Tyra has been able to take more from the fashion industry than just another beautiful face and a highly profiled career. She has acquired the respect and heroism of many young girls and women everywhere. She recently addressed the media with a "So What" attitude to the flaws of her body. By reclaiming her confidence she is helping this industry which is fueled with negative body images, eating disorders, and insecurities into a positive direction.
At 33 years old this 5'10" former supermodel began her career at the age of 17. She claims the title of the first black women to graze the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1997. She has starred in films such as John Singletons Higher Learning, Love and Basketball, and a recurring childhood friend of Will Smith on the television show The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire during the 1990's. She has had contracts with Cover Girl and Victoria's Secret. With her background in television and knowledge of the high fashion industry, Tyra has created a stature of excellence and independence. Her current successes include two impressive television shows on the CW network, America's Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show.Juggling two different shows, dealing with two different subject matters, Tyra forms a balance of interest between both. She has been able to bring a uniqueness to her talk show discussing women issues and concerns of weight and self acceptance. Her talk show brings awareness to the women of today plus demonstrates her compassion to her guests.

As the founder and producer of America's Next Top Model she gives young women an opportunity of a lifetime. By using her expertise and experience in the fashion industry, she established several of the young women's careers in addition to Cover Girl contracts. Her artistic impression of the fashion world challenges many young women everywhere to pursue a modeling career. Although her show is aimed to finding the next big supermodel, she emphasizes that one's ambitions should go beyond modeling. Many times she makes a reference to her mother once telling her, if she was not modeling what would she be doing. Tyra took this insight and now gives her aspiring models the same words of wisdom. In addition to the show's competition, she whole-heartedly welcomes models of all different cultures, backgrounds, and sizes. She is one of the firsts to open the doors to plus size models in the high fashion industry and gives them equal opportunity to compete with other women.

An article recently published by People magazine, covered Tyra's awareness of the media's obsession with her weight as well as many other celebrities. In the article she explains how she is aware she gained weight, but claims the tabloid gave improper information on how much.

The media and her viewers were not sure how to react when she attacked the tabloids for her pictures published with one of the headings as "America's Next Top Waddle." She has definitely made her point and showed her frustration of why the tabloid industry is so obsessed with weight. Wearing the exact same swimsuit the picture was taken in, she wanted to inform people everywhere how a photograph's perception can be misrepresented. By positioning her body in different ways people can see how a tabloids picture of an unflattering angle can distort the true image of one's body.

By making an impression to the many women and young girls everywhere, she sent a message to the tabloids that said, "You can kiss my fat ass."

Her reactions are nothing short of desiring the respect for women. Her credibility as a star and fashion icon gives these vulnerable women from every genre a sigh of relief.

Tyra's down to earth personality allows her persistence with changing the perceptions of body images in the entertainment industry. It is certain many people can understand her frustration and stand behind her desire to help change peoples views.

Tyra Banks is intelligent and inspiring. She retains her integrity and humility as she continues her journey through the entertainment world Through her yearning to enlighten women, a great deal can be learned. Tyra's acceptance of femininity establishes a giant step for the modern woman to be seen beautiful on the inside and outside despite her physical flaws.
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