Wacky airplane stories

Wacky airplane stories

Wacky Airplane Stories, We look forward to the summer vacation season – a time to travel and see the world with family and friends. At times, getting to our destination can be quite an interesting experience in itself. Check out these wacky airplane stories to see what fellow travelers, pilots and crew members have had to deal with in the friendly skies.

A pop music fanatic
Pop music fans – The clue: A passenger’s expression of love for a late pop diva resulted in the emergency landing of an American Airlines flight. woman kicked off plane for singing whitney houston songs,

A sandwich foodie
Sandwich lovers – The clue: Jason Michael Cruz was detained by TSA at a security checkpoint after being overheard using a slang term to describe his lunch. man calls sandwich the bomb +detained by TSA,

A costly food craving
The clue: Air India Capt. Smriti Trehan’s craving for a popular Indian snack caused a one-hour flight delay. Onion kachori-craving causes pilot to change route to pick up order,

A Good Samaritan rescue
The clue: Iceland Air passengers used a durable household item to subdue an out-of-control passenger. Unruly air passenger subdued with duct tape,

A unique marriage proposal
The clue: Bride-to-be Carlie Kennedy’s airborne marriage proposal was filled with enormous terror and great joy thanks to her pilot boyfriend Ryan Thompson.  Pilot fakes impending plane crash in crazy marriage proposal stunt,

A frightening hallucination
The clue: A 50-day stint of irresponsible behavior was the root of Anatoliy Baranovich’s disturbing reaction when he thought he saw a frightening vision outside the airplane window. Passenger screams wing on fire tries to open emergency exit – drunk for 50 days straight,

A special delivery
The clue: An Emirates Airlines passenger entered the airplane bathroom alone and returned to her seat with a special guest of honor. A Filipina woman gave birth to a baby boy in the bathroom of Emirates airlines flight, Baby born in plane toilet named after Emirates Airline +EK,

A texting mishap
The clue: We are all aware of the mishaps that can occur when texting while driving, but two Jetstar pilots learned the hard way the potential devastation of texting while flying. Texting pilot forgets to lower the landing gear,

A mass transit rant
The clue: The tackling of JetBlue Capt. Clayton Osbon by passengers was not due to a friendly game of aisle football. passengers subdue screaming jetblue captain, captain clayton osbon indicted,

A crazy mode of transportation
The clue: A Pakistan International Airlines captain accommodated two passengers with non-conventional seating arrangements due to non-availability of seats on the full flight. PIA passengers ride in toilets ,

A makeshift toilet
The clue: Too many JetBlue cocktails may be the cause of U.S. Ski Team member Robert “Sandy” Vietze’s USSA code of conduct violation. US ski team hopeful urinated on sleeping 11-year old passenger, robert vietze kicked off us ski team,

In-flight entertainment
The clue: A BMI passenger apparently was not satisfied with the in-flight movie, so she took it upon herself to entertain passengers with a stimulating one-woman show. Drunk Russian woman gives lap-dance on flight,

An entertaining safety demo
The clue: Don’t be surprised if you catch Cebu Pacific Airlines flight attendants as contestants on next season’s “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Cebu Pacific Airlines flight danced to pop hits California Gurls and Just Dance. ,

A workplace stress incident
The clue: JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater’s special message to passengers, beverage choice and mode of exiting the plane sparked media frenzy.  flight attendant grabs two beers and slides down emergency chute,

A workplace ethics violation
The clue: The idiom birds of a feather flock together held true for the entire crew on a DonbassAero flight. Minutes before take-off they all were arrested. DonbassAero flight cancelled because crew drunk,

A human resources violation
The clue: A heated disagreement between Air India pilots and crew led to an act that endangered the lives of 106 passengers. pilots fight cabin crew after sexual harassment claim,

An adverse reaction
The clue: Artist Galina Rusanova must have been dissatisfied with in-cabin beverage options, so she opted for a cleaner and more sanitary option. Galina Rusanova drinks liquid soap and scuffles with crew,

A co-pilot mishap
The clue: An Anadolujet pilot’s irresponsible choice for co-pilot while on a bathroom break got him into some hot water. turkish pilot fired for letting 15-year old son fly plane,

A severe medical reaction
The clue: Turbulence resulted in a substance stored in an overhead bin leaking onto a passenger and resulting in two-hour delay. leaking mushroom soup causes emergency landing,

A grand exit
The clue: Christopher Satyanand was upset with Delta Airlines’ deboarding pecking order, so he created a new exiting strategy. angry passenger uses emergency slide to leave plane,

A disgruntled employee
The clue: Compass Airlines flight attendant Eder Rojas was so angry about his work route that he did an unthinkable act in the airplane bathroom, forcing an emergency landing. Flight attendant set fire to paper towels in bathroom to divert plane, flight attendant edar rojas sentenced 7 years,

A prank call
The clue: When Dr.Kou Wei Chiu missed his flight, he fabricated an emergency that caused the plane to turn around in mid-air and be grounded for several hours. Kou Wei Chiu calls in bomb threat to delay flight, Kou Wei Chiu receives probation for bomb threat,

An odor masking technique
The clue: An American Airlines passenger’s attempt to mask an embarrassing odor forced an emergency landing and the FBI to unleash bomb sniffing dogs. Flatulence grounds plane,

A marital disagreement
The clue: Too many free in-cabin alcoholic beverages was the excuse given to authorities when United Airlines passenger Yoichi Shimamoto was arrested following his flight. Passenger Yoichi Shimamoto sues airline for giving him too much booze and making him so drunk he beat up his wife,
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