Xbox 360 redesign

Xbox 360 redesign: 'Smaller, sleeker' Xbox design in store for gamers at E3, According to Gamasutra this Monday, June 10, that this morning press conference’s went wild at the redesigned gaming system.

The Xbox 360 redesign, while perhaps not drastically different than its predecessors, certainly offers a “smaller, sleeker” look, noted Yusuf Mehdi during the big unveiling. Following a glimpse of “Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain”, gamers got to see how the new Xbox 360 will look, along with some special new offers coming our way.

According to Mehdi, Xbox Live Gold members will now have the chance to play two free games each month until the Xbox One is officially launched. Aside from the Xbox360 redesign, Mehdi also highlighted that the free games would be for fans “for keeps”, essentially hinting that they may not disappear if an Xbox 360 subscription is cancelled or terminated.

Speaking of new changes in the tech field, Apple also recently revealed this week during their annual conference that there will be some very interesting changes in store for iPhone users, so stay tuned on that platform as well.
Title: Xbox 360 redesign
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