Bank clerk $293 million error

Bank clerk $293 million error, Getting fired isn’t the only danger of sleeping on the job. A bank clerk recently made a $290 million error after they nodded off while processing a transfer request. According to the CNN Money, the unnamed bank clerk accidentally fell asleep while processing a transfer request.

The clerk accidentally held down the number 2 key on her keyboard and changed the amount from 62.40 euros to 222 million euros. (For our stateside readers, the bank clerk made a $290 million error.)

The mistake should have been caught by a supervisor but somehow it slipped through the cracks. The supervisor, who had been with the bank for 26 years, was promptly fired after the incident for failing to see the mistake.

The supervisor got her job back, however, after a court in Hesse, Germany, ruled in her favor. According to the BBC, the court ruled that there was no malicious intent behind the mistake and that the bank supervisor should not have fired her.

Still, the bank might want to review their review process. It was revealed in court that the supervisor made the mistake while checking over 800 documents. She took less than two seconds to review the majority of the documents.

And don’t worry too much about the bank clerk’s $293 million error. The supervisor’s colleague spotted the mistake before the bank patron was able to withdraw the money.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the only time that a person got into trouble for falling asleep this week. A couple of guards at JFK airport were recently caught snoozing on the job

Title: Bank clerk $293 million error
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