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Terrell owens play, Terrell Owens hasn’t suited up as an NFL wide receiver since being signed by the Seattle Seahawks before last season. He eventually was released in the preseason due to an average start with the team and he hasn’t been back ever since.

His struggles in Seattle haven’t slowed down his ambitions to earn a spot on another NFL roster before the upcoming season, but it’s nothing more than a waiting game from here on out.

The six-time Pro Bowl selection understands that he may not get the chance to take the field in 2013, and last week he told CBS Sports that retirement may be on the way.

“ If I don’t play this year, I’m retiring,” Owens said. “That’s just me being realistic. I want to play again. I want to go out on top with a team. I think I can still play, but if I don’t sign with a team, it would be time to retire. I have to be honest with myself.”

This week the story hasn’t changed for Terrell Owens as he spoke with the NFL Network on Wednesday and revealed that he hasn’t heard from anyone so far.

“Nothing as of right now,” he said. “So I understand the process. Obviously teams are really taking a closer look in evaluating their younger players. Being a free agent, I understand that later in the months as training camp starts, they’ll start looking for veterans.”

He’s apparently intrigued by the thought of joining the Kansas City Chiefs or the Minnesota Vikings. Both teams are in need of a wide receiver and Owens believes he could “help a team develop some of those younger guys.”

The 39-year-old last appeared in a regular season game with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010 when he made 72 catches for 983 yards in 14 games. Not too shabby for an aging wide out, but his old school antics may be the reason why he’s struggling to find a new job.

Do you think an NFL team will end up signing Terrell Owens before the season begins?

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