Barbra streisand demands rose petals in her toilet bowl

Barbra streisand demands rose petals in her toilet bowl, Queen of the Divas: Streisand has gained a reputation as one of the showbiz world’s most imperious performers, Peach-coloured toilet roll to match her complexion, and rose petals in the toilet bowl. One hundred-and-twenty designer bathroom towels also in peach. Ten highly specified designer floor lamps.

And that’s before we get to the insistence that the security team wear ‘neat dark sweaters’ and use metal detectors.

Even by the standards of a diva, staff at Castletown House had their work cut out as they made their final preparations for the arrival (by private plane, naturally) of last Saturday’s performer at the stunning County Kildare castle and estate.

And reports yesterday said she was making similar demands on staff at The Dorchester – where she is staying, while she performs three concerts at London’s O2 Arena, the first of which was last night – including, not to talk to her unless specifically requested.

After all, while Barbra Streisand still suffers from the stage fright that has plagued her 45-year-long career, it has never stymied the eye-watering list of specifications she makes before she even considers getting on stage.

Her list of demands ever since is as varied as it is lengthy. She once demanded staff at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas enter and leave her room backwards (she justified, this with the response: “I’m simple, complex, generous, selfish, unattractive, beautiful and driven.”).

Directing a night shoot in New York for one of her movies, her perfectionism resulted in the production running a few hours behind schedule. Just before one take, she noticed more light than usual.

“Where the **** is that light coming from,” she screamed. “It’s 5.30am,” a hesitant crew member responded. “I think it’s the sun.”
Title: Barbra streisand demands rose petals in her toilet bowl
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