Lily Allen Demands A Puppy And Whisky Backstage

Lily Allen Demands A Puppy And Whisky Backstage, Some celeb requests are just incredible, but certain ones actually make sense. Take Lily’s, for example. Her demand regarding her backstage treatment at concerts actually sums up her personality pretty well.

His 2010 two-page long contract rider reveals what his backstage demands were.

The document obtained by Life & Style’s Scene Queens has revealed that Jay-Z, like most artists, demanded 57 specific extravagant items he wanted in his dressing room during concerts.

Among the demands were four golf carts, four 750-ml bottles of vodka and tequila, 2004 Sassicaia, Italian red win from the Bolgheri region, a bowl of Sour Patch Kids, chinaware, cloth dinner napkins, and silverware.

The contract also reveals that Jay-Z has his health in mind with items like pulp-free orange juice, a bottle of honey, organic bread, fresh fruits, sugar-free Red Bull, and hand sanitizer.

The tabloid didn’t include the actual rider, but if it is just based on the mentioned list, Jay-Z’s demands are relatively tame.

In 2007, the book “The Little Red Riders Book: The Backstage Requests of Rock ‘n Roll’s Most Famous Art” discloses some very weird special demands of some artists.

Among the most outrageous include Mariah Carey’s demands for puppy and kittens and a “special attendant to dispose of used chewing gum,” Lily Allen’s request for “a puppy (for the night only),” Marilyn Manson’s request for “a bald hooker with no teeth,” David Hasselhoff’s “life-size cut-out of David Hasselhoff,” Madonna’s “new toilet seat.

25 cases of Kabbalah water,” Barbra Streisand’s “rose petals in toilet,” and J. Lo’s all-white room and “coffee to be stirred counter-clockwise.”
Title: Lily Allen Demands A Puppy And Whisky Backstage
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